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MVC Unit Testing Unleashed

In this article we will learn how to perform Unit Testing in Asp.Net MVC

Richard Jones: PyCon AU 2014 CFP about to close!

ThePyCon Australia 2014 CFPis about to close! Last chance to get your proposal in! Quoted: The conference this year will be held on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 August 2014 in Brisbane. We'll also be featuring a day of miniconfs on Friday 1 August. The deadline...

Inside the Hello World Application via Java Class Viewer

Analysis the "Hello World" application at binary (JVM) level

Toggle Controls to Read-Only for an Entire Window

Switch all controls on a window to read-only by clicking a menu item.

Automatic code documentation based on your C# comments

I've written a few APIs over the years and the worst part is writing the documentation: it takes extra time it must be updated every time you make changes to your code it is a duplication of work because I already document my code inline anyway So, here's...