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The Web Manifest specification

By Marcos C\xe1ceres and Bruce Lawson. Many of us who work on the web are actively working to narrow "the gap" between native applications and web applications. (Disclosure: your humble authors, Marcos Caceres and Bruce Lawson work for browser vendors...

Html5 Image Markup

Bring annotation capability to your images without effort

Web Audio Changes in m36

Web Audio changes At Google, we love standards. We're on a mission to build out the standards-defined Web platform. One of the small warts on that for some time has been the webkit- prefixed implementation of the Web Audio API (notably the webkitAudioContext...

TinyMCE Additional HTML Elements

I wanted to have buttons for the code and var HTML elements in the TinyMCE editor. The code element was already there, but there was no predefined var element. It is a nice wednesday evening, so i decided to write a plugin for this. Here is the first shot of...

Goaler Game

A WebGL, real time HTML5 football (soccer) game. Goaler is an online social football game built using WebGL technology, has been featured on Chrome Experiments, users can control it on their monitor / screen via their mobile device. Invite friends …Continue...

dialog element: shipped in Chrome 37 Beta

Chrome Beta has landed its native support for <dialog> element without needing "Enable experimental Web Platform features." flag turned on. <dialog> <p>This is da dialog!</p> <button id="close">Close</button> </dialog> <button...


Canvas from Campaign Monitor. URL:

DooScrib - Collaboration with an HTML5 Canvas

Collaborating via an HTML5 Canvas using DooScrib, Node.js, Express and

Resources for HTML5 game developers

Today we released Firefox 31 and it offers a couple of new features that help HTML5 game developers to code and debug sophisticated games. In addition Mozilla blogged about the first commercial games leveraging asm.js, Dungeon Defenders Eternity and Cloud Raiders...