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How to Create a Hierarchical Menu Using HTML And CSS

Friends, I am planning to write a series of articles on creating menus in different ways and this is the 1st one in the series. This post will explain how to create a simple 2 level menu using HTML and CSS only. We know there are a lot of ways to create a HTML...

Video Streaming with ASP.NET SignalR and HTML5

I have already talked aboutSignalR in this blog. I think it is one of the most interesting technologies that Microsoft put out recently, not because it is something substantially new \u2013 AJAX, long polling and server-sent events have been around for quite...


Implementing a Tetris-like game for the web using Dart

Responsive Image Approach Options

Discusses the different approaches available and reccomendations for responsive images

The Web Weekly - Edition 7

Edition 7 of my Web Weekly newsletter has been published (sign-up to the right to receive it automatically)! Here's what's in this latest edition.The Web Weekly Newsletter Edition 1The Web Weekly Newsletter Edition 2The Web Weekly Newsletter Edition...

Taking Picture Snapshots with ASP.NET and HTML5

This is anotherpost on HTML5 and ASP.NET integration. HTML5 brought along with it a number of great JavaScript APIs; one of them isgetUserMedia, which isW3Cstandard and you can get a good description of it inMDN. In a nutshell, it allows access to the PC's...

Dynamic Blob creation and Uploading files

Check for the containers, add them and create dynamic blobs and upload files, Also check the Exceptions from blobs.

New features in HTML5

A look into some of the more useful features of HTML5

Javascript: Plotting Rössler Attractor on HTML5 Canvas in 3D

In this blog I demonstrated how one can programmatically explore several chaotic systems: logistic map, Barnsley fern and Lorenz system. While doing this I focused mainly on producing plots or, at least, generating trajectories of these systems with different...

Html5 IndexedDB

The IndexedDB, a new HTML5 web database which allows HTML5 web application to store data inside a user's browser. The IndexedDB is more powerful and useful for applications which requires to store a large amount of data on client side or web browser like...