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Image Puzzle: A Html Game

An html 2d game to describe some basic game development tips in html/css and javascript.

Prevent Visual Studio crash when debugging MVC web applications

Here is tip for making sure that debugging your MVC website does not cause visual studio to crash when using IIS7 to host the site in your development environment: Don't use more than one worker process in your Application pool.

REST enabled WCF service

Simple WCF RESTful Service, WebGetAttribute and WebInvokeAttribute, UriTemplate and UriTemplateTable. GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.

Creating an MSI/Setup Package for C# Windows Application Using a Visual Studio Setup Project

In this article I would like to explain a step by step process to create a windows application and a setup installer for the same in a very simple manner, that is easy to understand and follow knowing that there are a number of other ways to do the same thing.

MySQL Connection In Windows Application Using VB.NET

How to use MySQL as database in VB.NET applications.

A customizable .NET WinForms Message Box

A customizable .NET WinForms message box with three buttons, custom icon, and checkbox.

PopupMenu and Message DailogBox in Windows 8

PopupMenu and Message DailogBox in Windows 8

WCF - Exception Handling, FaultException and FaultContracts

WCF - Exception Handling, Global Exception Handling, FaultExceptions and FaultContracts- Detailed explantion with Sample Codes.