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Articles having tag: BEGINNER

Introduction to Android System and its Basic Structure

The article is my first submission to a series for Android Development. I had tried to include as little technical stuff as possible, because of the articles being marked as for beginners. But I have included whatever naccessary for a Developer. Thanks

DooScrib - Collaboration with an HTML5 Canvas

Collaborating via an HTML5 Canvas using DooScrib, Node.js, Express and

Eclipse Java EventQueue Templates

Creating templates in Eclipse to generate Java EventQueue statements

Extracting Exif Coordinate From Geotagged Photo

Reading Exif coordinates from image for Windows phone 8

Using Markdown for Effective Logging

An introduction to MarkdownLog - an open source .NET library designed to produce Markdown formatted log files

Beyond Localization: Software for a Global Audience

Delivering software globally goes far beyond simply localizing. This article covers cultures, graphics, text spacing and more.

SimpleScene: 3d scene manager in C# and OpenTK

A simple open-source scene manager, and WavefrontOBJ file loader in C# and OpenGL.

Using a bar code scanner in .NET

Bar code scanner integration with WPF or WinForms.