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Articles having tag: C#

How to Sort a List (C#)

Tips on sorting a list of objects.

Subset - Sum Problem with Numeric Collections

This is an alternative for "Subset - Sum Problem with Integer Arrays "

Action Filter for Compression

This tip will help to create an action filter to compress the contents like Json, partial view, etc.

Easier .NET settings

Creating a library for persisting the application state data between work sessions

How to use CORS requests in Internet Explorer 9 and below.

This article explains how you can automatically proxy CORS requests (Cross-origin resource sharing) in jQuery without changing your existing code. The proxy is integrated in ASP.NET and works with all ASP.NET libraries like WebForms, Mvc and WebApi. In OneTrueError...

A WPF File ListView and ComboBox (Version II)

This is an alternative for "A WPF File ListView and ComboBox"

Membership+ Management System, Part III: Query Intelligence

Implementing a unified structured query system of service based relational data source with build-in intelligence.

Content Disposition Bug in HttpResponseMessage.Conent.Headers

If you're running into abuglike I did, there are good and bad news. Good \u2013Microsoft acknowledgedthis bug and will fix it, bad \u2013 it will happen in the next release (not sure then). In MS favour I have to admit that they turn things really quick,...

How to Popup Anything?

Showing you how to use the Popup to create your own dropdown-like window.

Direct3D Rendering Cookbook

Short review of a very interesting book about DirectX 11 using C#