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Microsoft Chart in MVC Application

In this tip, we will implement Microsoft chart chart in MVC application

Entity Framework in WinForms

A component that makes it easy to use Entity Framework in WinForms projects, including design-time binding support.

Code First Migrations With Entity Framework

This article will provide answers to the following questions relevant to relationships in Entity Framework: whether or not to create a database, how to add / remove a field from an existing table, how to avoid data loss and how to get a database script that...

Encrypting Editor Notepad Replacement

A C# .NET 3.5 (Win7) Windows Forms Application with source code

Dynamic View Model Part 2: Key/Ref

A technique for generating ViewModel objects dynamically, with foreign key-like references.

Dynamic View Model

A technique for generating ViewModel objects dynamically.

Anonymous Methods and Lambda Expressions in .NET

Anonymous methods and lambda expressions in .NET

A WPF File ListView and ComboBox (Version II)

This is an alternative for "A WPF File ListView and ComboBox"

Comparing .NET chart solutions for web-applications

In this article collected most popular freeware/commercial solutions for data visualization in .NET