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Windows/Phone 8.1–Running Code in Response to Cloud Push Notifications

One of the features of Windows 8.0/8.1 apps is the ability to respond to a raw push notification delivered from the Windows Notification Service in the cloud. You can read about raw push notifications on the developer centre (I dug out the link - http://msdn...(read...

Common issues in WCF

Common issues faced while implementing WCF in Project

A Beginner's Tutorial on Custom Forms Authentication in ASP.NET MVC Application

In this we will discuss about implementing custom forms authentication in an ASP.NET MVC application.

A Dynamic XML API

One API to rule them all (all XML file formats that is)

Prototyping with C#? Thanks, Roslyn!

Prototyping with C#? Thanks, Roslyn!

XAML ListView–Styling Items Based on Data (Windows 8.1 XAML)

I was reading Tim's post about ListViews over breakfast about his experiments in styling XAML list items based on the data itself and thought I'd add a couple more suggestions. Let's say that I have some data source/view model; class NumericalViewModel...