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Learn knockout in 3 days - Day 2

Today we are going to get deeper into knockout and try to learn some more features about this framework

HTML5/CSS3 graphic enhancement: buttons, inputs

Aesthetic enhancement of HTML5 web elements via pure CSS3; no image files required

Image Puzzle: A Html Game

An html 2d game to describe some basic game development tips in html/css and javascript.

Google Chrome Extension - CodeProject Template Items

Google Chrome Extension that provides Message and Answer templating

AngularJS Routing Security

Secure routes in angular is not available out of the box. This tip would help in securing routes in angular based applications.

jQuery - .bind(), .live(), .delegate(), .on() ( and also .unbind(), .die(), .undelegate(), .off() )

jQuery - .bind(), .live(), .delegate(), .on() ( and also .unbind(), .die(), .undelegate(), .off() ) Comparison, Definition, Samples