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Dynamic Treeview with Drag and Drop by Kendo

This article explains how to make data source for kendoTreeView, particularly it is designed for organization chart such as personals or documents which need nested query, after drag and drop one node to another one it will save it. Look at Demo

Group GridView Data

A custom GridView control which provides you an additional facility to group the data in gridview along with the facility to customise the Group Header and Group Footer

Learn knockout in 3 days - Day 1

Step by Step learning of knockout framework - Day 1

Cool Social Buttons jQuery Plugin

Today we are releasing a cool new jQuery plugin that adds social sharing buttons to your site without slowing it down. It is easy to use, powered by CSS3, mobile friendly and fully customizable.

HTML5/CSS3 graphic enhancement: buttons, inputs

Aesthetic enhancement of HTML5 web elements via pure CSS3; no image files required