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C#: Side Effects and LINQ's Defferred Execution

It is difficult for me to imagine a program that doesn't deal with collections of some type \u2013 all our applications do proliferate with Arrays, Lists HashSets, DataTables and dozens of others. When writing code in C# the first tool I consider when faced...

Make Your Firefox Faster!!

Increase the web page transfer speed, and faster opening of your tabbed windows.

A Dictionary for Enum Descriptions

A dictionary class for storing string descriptions provided by the Description attribute on enum fields.

SYSInfo: System info desktop tool

Displays system information like free disk space and free memory on the desktop.

How to Use Onedrive Features in a Windows Phone 8 Application

This tips show you how to get a windows Phone 8 which interacts with OneDrive.

A Cross-platform Parser of the Dynamic Disks Structure

In this article, we'll consider Dynamic Disks. We are going to explore the program implementation with the help of the LDM (Logical Disk Manager) technology.