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State Monad in javascript

Shows how to start from problem to get state monad

JavaScript Event Madness! Capturing *all* events without interference

The following is a guest post by Matthias Christen and Florian M\xfcller fromGhostlab. Ghostlab is cross-browser cross-device testing software for Mac and PC. One of the things I'm very impressed Ghostlab can do is sync the events from one browser to all the...

CSS Triggers

When you change a CSS properties value, the browser needs to react to your change. Some values change the layout of the page. For instance, a change inwidthrequires the browser to update layout,then"paint" any pixels that have changed,then"composite" them together....

Diving Deeper With ES6 Generators

Read the full article at:Diving Deeper With ES6 Generators Read the full article at: Diving Deeper With ES6 Generators ES6 Generators: Complete Series The Basics Of ES6 Generators Diving Deeper With ES6 Generators Going Async With ES6 Generators...

RWD Bloat

Dave Rupert does an in-depth analysis of his own responsive site to figure out where he's at, identify places to improve, and evaluate the idea going around that responsive design is at fault for bloated websites. Says Dave: Expect RWD to add ~10% Direct...

Html5 Image Markup

Bring annotation capability to your images without effort

GitHub’s CSS

Mark Otto takes us on a tour of the CSS of So great to read a straight-talking bit like this, warts and all. This is 90% the same as we do things at CodePen. One major difference is that they combinealltheir CSS into two files and just serve them...

Broadcasting of a Video Stream from an IP-camera Using WebRTC

The article describes integration of the new Web Real Time Communication technology and IP cameras for online video broadcasting purpose Section Multimedia SubSection Audio and Video

Web Audio Changes in m36

Web Audio changes At Google, we love standards. We're on a mission to build out the standards-defined Web platform. One of the small warts on that for some time has been the webkit- prefixed implementation of the Web Audio API (notably the webkitAudioContext...